Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Calvary Cometh - 15th of Mirtul, Year of the Ageless One; 447 North Reckoning.

Thyrr looked over his shoulder to a most welcome sight in the pit of horror he'd become trapped in - Rescuers! They came in the form of Zicar, a mysterious Fire Lancer from the East; Kromag, a Githzeria Paladin of the Weave; Coal, a Genasi Sorcerer of Flame; and Wo Fat Chin, an Elvish Monk of the Mysterious East. The newcomers had been sent by Ramne the Wizard before he left for his southern expedition to gather the Ivory Scimitars for what he described as a Realm-shaking discovery ...

The backups did little more than back up, however, against the ferocity of the trolls and fled the dungeon with the beasts hot on their trail. Zicar had succumb to the trolls in a spray of gore as they over took him by tooth and claw; the foul ones fighting over his larger pieces. The rest of the party, seemingly escaping the monstrosities, headed to Stone Vale to resupply.

As a Ranger, Thyrr could not stomach the idea of the humanoid filth nesting so close to civilized lands. Newly supplied, he lead the group back up the mountain pass to the Black Stone Pyramid dig site. Two Norkers stood guard outside the Obsidian Temple. They spotted Darkedge, the Shinobi, as he not-so-steathfully approach the Temple Entrance. One of the Norkers turned to enter the Pyramid and was feathered by Elf arrows, courtesy of Thyrr. Coal summoned her sorcerous powers to lift the Norker into the air and pull him towards her in a furnace of superheated air. Wo Fat Slammed the other Norker with a devastating kick to the face.

With the sentries dispatched, Coal silently stole into the deep darkness of the forbidding Pyramid. Thyrr could hear the rumbling of a snore; a sound he was quite disgusted of having spent many a night in cheap human Inns during his youth. Coal, thanks to her innate darkvision, beheld one of the trolls from earlier that day, only now with a distended stomach, sleeping heavily at the stairs in the hback of the Temple. She wondered if such a creature could even hear her over it's deafening snoring. The she thought perhaps it would smell her rather than hear her. She dismissed such thoughts and loosed flames upon the sleeping thing. Her companions released hell itself upon the surprised troll and it was slain in hand.

Darkedge remembered that his companion Korrick had a magical Ring of Protection and dearly wanted the item. He slit open the corpse of the troll and began sifting through its innards, much to the utter disgust of the rest of the party. Thyrr thought aloud that he thought they smelled bad on the outside ...

After much gore had been sifted through, Darkedge had not yet found his treasure. He had, however, discovered a stomach churning smell that clung to him as tightly as the wetter bits of troll that clung to his tunic. The group pressed onward, down three flights of stairs to the lower holdings of the Temple.

Through a doorway, Wo Fat discovered a LARGE creature sitting with his backside toward him playing with the remains of some unfortunate person. It slammed a legbone into a pile of bones with a thunderous crunch, and the vile odor of death and unwashed troll wafted in his direction.

Without so much a word, Wo Fat ran in and rammed his lit torch up the great beast's ass and then slapped a large butt cheek as insult to injury. The slap echoed in the chamber, but was quickly drowned out by the wails of pain the creature was experiencing. Wo Fat ran from the beast, back out the chamber and up one flight of stairs as the giant creature wailed in agony and squeezed itself out into the landing of the stairs.

Kromag dealt a silvery spellfire blow to the giant with the aid of his great 'Time-Blade' as Thyrr fired his bow as quickly as he was able. Coal and Darkedge stayed on the second set of stairs out of the Giant Troll's terrible reach.

Wo Fat, once again, made a light hearted attack on the angry Giant. He ran and slid under the bow legged beast, striking at his testicles and then, after getting behind the creature, kicking the now extinguished torch further up the ample ass of the Troll. It howled again in great pain. The party took advantage of the greatly distressed Troll and attacked in unison, ultimately slaying the giant creature.

Ain't it great to be 13 again?