Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Scroll of Yuri, Son of Malgrym (Scribed by Jacob J Kollar)

Yuri was born 4 Ches, The Year of the Forged Sigil, deep within the Wealdath, the son of Malgrym, the human ranger, and Sariel Amastacia, the wood elf druid. His father was forced to flee the forest days after he was conceived and his mother died during childbirth.

Yuri had a strange childhood with little contact with other intelligent creatures. During his first decade he occasionally spent time among the druids of Mosstone. At the beginning of his tenth summer he left the walls of the city for the last time and went into hiding, from a threat he never knew, deep within the forest. He spent much of his time communing with nature spirits and studying the manuscripts left behind by his mother. His only contact was the infrequent visit from his full elven brother, Thyrricean, which had raised him since birth. At an early age he began to exhibit signs that he shared his mother's bond with the forest. He became quite adept at summoning denizens of the forest and even spirits of nature.

He also seemed to bear another gift which his mother also had, his dreams would sometimes reveal things that would come to pass. The dreams were infrequent and unpredictable, but he always woke with a knowledge that what he dreamed would indeed happen. These dreams coupled with instructions left behind by Sariel always kept the brothers one step ahead of a nameless horror that was stalking Yuri through the forest.

During the winter heralding his 3rd decade he had one such dream about the father he had never met. Upon sharing the details of the dream with Thyrricean the brothers agreed they must depart the Wealdath immediately heading Northeast to rescue Malgrym from the fate that would soon befall him.