Tuesday, May 1, 2018

To End a Cult - Part 2

The whereabouts of Malark and Korrick were not long hidden, as they marched down the hallway to the inner chambers with a dozen trident armed Lizardmen soldiers in tow. Somehow they'd been mind controlled to lead the vile reptiles in what would be a last ditch attempt to destroy the Ivory Scimitars. But the adventuring company was ready - Ramne, with his magic, lulled Malark to sleep while the rest of the group gave wide berth to the Goliath Barbarian, hoping he would come to his senses.

The battle was short and Lizardmen fell one by one at the beckon of spells and swords. The gamble on Korrick snapping out of the mind control paid off, but the party wondered if the sleeping Malark would also be free of the charm.

Their musings would be forgotten in an instant as something large and serpentine slithered into the Hall of Worship. It raised itself to a full nine feet tall as it coiled around the altar, its base of power.

"Fools ..." it hissed, its golden eyes on fire. "You may have slain my devoted, but I am eternal!"  The great Naga cast a devastating spell of firey death that exploded from the ceiling down ...

It was at this moment Roldrick thought he wished for more money for potions before they set out on this mission. But wait - No - The Wish!

Roldrick wished that the Naga was dead.

Without knowing, Roldrick had accidentally cyphered the only means of permanently slaying the Spirit Naga. The reptilian beast fell dead before his feet, and so ended the Cult of the Reptile God.

The Ivory Scimitars gathered up what treasure they could carry - including their original items that had been taken from them when they were prisoners of the Cult. The journey back to Kelton was leisurely, the group enjoying a slower pace through the grasslands, and eventually the farmlands, of the Borderlands. They returned to Aldenmier Manor, where they'd earned a long rest.

News spread quickly about town about the destruction of the Reptile Cult, and just as quickly throughout the region. The news had reached Lady Bron of Iriaebor, who was looking for just such a group of heroes to investigate a deep concern of hers ...