Thursday, April 5, 2018

Agianst the Cult of The Reptile God

In Kelton, the threat of the Reptile Cult was driven a crippling blow by the Ivory Scimitars, with the killing of the High Priestess in the abandoned Temple of Chauntea ...

... However, in the complex below the Wood of Sharp Teeth, the barbarians and their Elf companions were literally fighting tooth and nail against the dreaded cult.

One of their members was hypnotised by the haunting melody of a siren song, but he was quickly restrained by the Goliath called Korrick. No sooner than he was physically disabled, the Harpy attacked the group from the air. Malark's hefty maul crippled the bitch beast and she was quickly slain by Elvish blades.

The beast's nest-like lair was investigated and bore collected treasures of silver and gold; and according to Dorian, an enchanted necklace. Malark took an expensive ruby strung chain of gold as his prize, while Korrick favoured the mystical medallion.

After much exploring in the damp tunnels - some over-washed and sunken in - more Cult members defended their subterranean base, but proved to be little resistance to the Druidic-like powers of the Goliath - who entangled his foes and then pummelled them unto death.

The stench of Troglodytes overpowered the ever present stink of swamp gas deeper into the underground fortress, as a pair of reptilian guards were overcome at a crossroad in the dark tunnels. While the foul odor of the creatures was utterly bowel churning, only the Elf, Llywillan, was overcome with violent retching. The party of invaders followed the vile scent to a locked door deep within the maul of the Cult's headquarters were Malark attempt to break down the door with his impressive might, but his only success was making a loud noise that alerted those behind the door.

The Troglodytes spilled into the hallway like so much slime dripping from the dungeon walls. They were great in numbers, overrunning the barbarians and Elves with little effort. Korrick worked frantically to revive his comrades from the unconsciousness that his fallen friends had succumbed to, yet the Troglodytes pressed their advantage against the group. They fled down muddy tunnels; turning West, then South ... it was difficult to recall in their haste. Turning tail did not set with the barbarians well, and Malark decided to make a stand, better to die in battle rather than  fleeing like scared children in the dark. His bravery inspired the group, and Korrick took to his side and the Elves drew their bows in anticipation of the reptilian hoard chasing them in the gloom ...

... Tymora smiles on heroes and fools ... it remains to be seen which our heroes are.