Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Hot Elf Chicks - Pic 8

Scoundrels in the South Ward

Up from the foetid sewers of Waterdeep's South Ward, the man known as Relic lead a small team of men on a mission for the Ebonclad Thieve's Guild of Skullport. Of the team there was the cuthroat known as Greegen, a Kenku called Stabber, a pirate calling himself Black Vulma, a Ratling known as Snippers, a underworld Pugilist and enforcer renowned as Brick, and a mysterious monk known simply as Shlock.

They made their way to the tavern known as The Bloody Fist, where they met their contact, a devious gnome calling himself Fingers. Fingers had information on a ne’er-do-well thug who had stolen from the Guild. The group was to find the man and retrieve what was stolen.

The trail started with the man the thug assaulted in the first place ... a foppish citizen of Tethyr who frequented the burlesques of The Guilded Ring Festhall. Questioning the dandy reviled little, but he let slip that he also had agents in search of the thug with the stolen treasure.

The band of thieves decided to start questioning the underworld, starting with Lasses of the Evening ... it was shortly into this endeavour, a fellow Ebonclad contacted them with unsettling news. It turned out that Fingers was not what he seemed. He had enlistment by the Guild before but he'd been acting strange lately ... as if he were hiding something. The Guild was using the party of cutthroats to draw him out. He said further, that the gnome and his bodyguard frequented a certain nightclub in town where they'd load up on casks of Halfling wine and head off in a cart to who knows where among the shadows of the South Ward.

The Thieves set up a stakeout on the nightclub that almost went sour when a rival guildsmen and his croneys recognized Black Vulma. The knife fight was quick and barely noticed in the dark of an adjoining alley; and not long after that the gnome, his bodyguard, and the cart arrived on the scene. Coin was exchanged to the Chultan doorman, and they both entered the seedy nightclub.

The bodyguard was set to work loading the cart with casks of wine, which the gnome paid for upfront. Fingers then jovially sat back and swilled drinks as his manservant continued his labour; careless as a formerly caged bird as he caroused with any who'd listen.

The routine was broken when the Enforcer, Brick, challenged the bodyguard. Everything went south from there. Brick floored the large bodyguard in a one-two punch. The gnome became alarmed at the scuffle and ran to the Chultan doorman, who was a sizable gentleman in his own right. The Chultan ran for the cart, carrying the gnome under his arm. He was paid well for his loyalty, and he tucked the gnome in among the casks and began pulling the cart into the night, rickshaw style.

The ratling assailed the cart with bolts from his crossbow from an alley across the main street, while Stabber, the Kenku, dove from his rooftop position and landed gracefully upon the fleeing cart. The party made use of the Art to slow the Chultan with frosty bolts of arcane might until the thieves had caught up to the escapees. The gnome matched thier Art by casting illusions of himself and finally disappearing all together, laughing at their failure to catch him from the long shadows of the South Ward ...

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving Update

It just goes to show you that even the best DMs can't plan everything ...

Our adventures in Chult have been just a few and far between due to real life issues and time restraints, but that doesn't mean adventuring has come to a grinding halt. Dubious goings on from beneath the City of Splendors has spilled onto the depraved streets of the South Ward in the first all criminal group of 'adventurers' in our Mega-Campaign. There's not a lot yet to tell, as the Ebonclads have been thrust directly into Thieves Guild politics and may end up framed for a hit they never did …

I'm itching to get back to Chult, but we'll see what happens and who shows up and who doesn't in the coming days and weeks