Saturday, August 19, 2017

The Killing Keep

Five miles north of Eveningstar, dug into the western side of Starwater Gorge is a small, partially ruined castle known as Rivior’s Keep or more sinisterly, as the Killing Keep. Little remains of this unassuming except for two, low, curved outer walls with ruined gatehouses, a few partially collapsed outbuildings and the crumbling, stone keep itself.

The bandit king Rivior had this place built as his stronghold while his dwarven hirelings and henchmen completed construction on what is known today as The Haunted Halls.
Once their work was completed, Rivior moved into his new underground stronghold and abandoned the keep but not before having his cunning dwarven engineers festoon the place with all manner of deadly traps.
Many foolish adventurers mistake this place for the true Haunted Halls and meet a grisly fate in this cold, desolate place. The bleached bones and dried corpses of the most unfortunate still lie shattered at the bottom of a deep pit, crushed under a massive stone block or kneeling as if still listening at a heavy wooden door, their skull pinned neatly upon a rusting, sharp spike.
The place is infested with lock lurkers, spiders, stirges and even a few undead and explorers who have returned from the place tell stories of feeling unseen eyes upon them as they roamed the deserted halls.
Desperate travelers and outlaws have occasionally used this place for shelter or as a temporary hideout and kobolds from the nearby Citadel of the Black Sting often come here in search of hidden magic and wealth. And since the Black Sting are masters at the setting of traps and have learned to make deadly use of the small but lethal lock lurkers and other small, venomous creatures, they often leave behind deadly surprises for the unwary and even reset traps that have been sprung. However, they often come here to find sprung traps already reset by some unknown hand and on those occasions, the cowardly beasts quickly slink back to their hidden stronghold above the Haunted Halls.