Saturday, June 10, 2017

Trader Jonn's Corner - Catburgler's Kit

As a merchant, I do business with all sorts of people, and as a blanket statement, I declare that in no way am I supporting or condoning criminal behavior. This particular item is intended for expert treasure hunter only … ;)

  • Black Body Stocking - +1 to hide in shadows.
  • Black Mask – effectively conceals identity and doubles as a holy symbol for some ...
  • Soft Leather Boots – designed with soft soles offering +1 to stealth checks.
  • Cats Claws - +1 to climb sheer surfaces without a rope.
  • Silk Rope and Light Grappling Hook – light, strong, and noiseless.
  • Listening Cone – grants +1 to listening at doors checks.
  • Masterworks Lockpicks Set – Made of superior materials guaranteed not to snap or break. +1 to lockpicking rolls.
  • Glass Cutter – Diamond tipped stylus that skillfully does what it says.
  • Small Glass Dispenser with 1 pint of Acid – for stubborn locks and trap removal.
  • Jewelers Tools – including magnifying eye loop, tweezers of various sizes, small files and delicate cutters. +2 to fine and delicate work related rolls – like trap removal, perhaps?
  • Black Leather Sling Pouches – To be worn neck to waist, contains four small pouches across the chest to carry tools and small equipment and has one large pouch at the waist for larger equipment or loot.

Average Price: 275gp