Wednesday, June 7, 2017

REVIEW - The Chapel on the Cliffs – Part One

I've looked at a lot of modules for RPGs in my time, but rarely does one so professionally evoke a sense of gothic horror mood like The Chapel on the Cliffs. I'm serious, guys – this one is a joy to read even if you didn't plan to run it – but you will. And I predict your players will love it.

This module's 'story,' a term I'm loath to use concerning game scenarios, is really good. It reads like a fantasy version of a Call of Cthulhu scenario – and that's a very good thing. The NPCs are well thought out and given just enough detail to properly portray them even in future campaigning appearances should you wish it. I really don't want to give up any spoilers, but there are new Monsters and Magic Items included and an Appendix dedicated to Chases and Sieges that will really ramp up the tension and mood for this module. The author, Goblin Stone, also presents multiple possibilities to defeat the beasties within.

Did I mention professionalism? This pdf/book oozes professionalism. The writing is top notch, the page layouts are pleasing to the eye and very functional, and the art is as good as anything Wizard's is producing. I strongly advise readers to add this one to your repertoire of adventures. You can get it by supporting the kickstarter located HERE.

I'm splitting this topic into two parts because I really want to run this as a playtest and post what happens for you guys. I did say this is a good module, and I stand by that!