Thursday, June 1, 2017

Nine from Neverwinter, part eight

Cast of Characters:

  • Azun – A Moon Elf Archer hailing originally from Deepingdale, but fletching his arrows in Neverwinter for at least the past 30 years. He lead many of Neverwinter to safety during the Cataclysm of Mount Hotenow, and is regarded as a local folk hero.

  • Rungalor – A rough and tumble Barbarian Minotaur from parts unknown ...

  • Rollo Rutterkin – A Halfling Thief and long time companion of Rungalor.

  • Kirok – An Uthgardt Barbarian Shaman on a visionquest, serving as our guide.

  • Gizig – A Silver Dragonborn Warrior with official connections to Neverwinter's militia.

  • Hanzo – A Kozokuran Swordsman who journeyed to Neverwinter with Adrix of Highmoon.

  • Arcandius – A Thayvian Wizard who escaped his homeland with a mysterious tome of power.

  • Adrix – The Wandering Sage and Chronicler of this tale who brought this ragtag group of misfits together. He has traveled extensively as a Bardic Storyteller throughout The Realms, including The Unapproachable East, and is seeking to know more about The North.

  • The Storm Caller – A Calishite Gensia, powerful in the ways of Elemental Sorcery.

  • Kagan – A Half-Orc Fighting Man.

2nd of Mirtul, Year of the Ageless One; 447 North Reckoning, Continued …

Rollo and Gizig first met the Half-Orc in the Hallway outside the King's Chambers. Kagan had fought for his freedom against Hobgoblins that had captured him in this area not but a night or two ago. He quickly joined us in hopes of getting a little revenge on these goblinkind bastards, as while captured by them, they were none too kind to him.

Kirok quickly lead us to a darkened room that, judging by the countless angel carvings along the ceiling, must have once been a chapel. Within second, inky black tentacles stretched down from the ceiling at us seeking to draw us up to a slobbering beaked mouth. Arrow and spells were launched at the worm-like horror. It fell to the floor by way of crashing into Hanzo, but the aberration was dispatched quickly.

The vision-questing Uthgardt wasted no time in making a path to the rear of the chapel, which took on an air of new menace. A blood covered alter barely obscured three Goblin crossbowmen waiting on our arrival. The darkened air was alive with deadly seeking quarrels, but the first volley of the crossbowmen was their last, as Kirok, Azun, and Rungalor made swift work in sending them to whatever hell they prayed to.

To the left of the Chapel, a storage room was discovered. We made a quick look over as to what was of value to the vile Goblinoids that ruled this Keep. The marking on the kegs were of various Neverwinter merchant houses … caravan plunder, no doubt. But Rungalaor found a small keg with Dethek runes that when opened, which he immediately did, smelled divinely of Dwarvish Whiskey. Kirok and Azun joined Rung in a quick overindulgence of the Dwarvish liquor – which did not take much due to the legendary power of the drink. The fools were bitten by the spirits of the keg, and I thrice cursed my luck to be lead through this Unseelie hell by the drunken.

Kicking in an adjacent door to the store room didn't go a Kirok had planned. The door slammed open, flattening bot him and Azun as large hairy beastmen charged past them. A hard fought fray ensued with the Bugbears, taxing our group to its limits. Arcandius suggested we take a short rest in the Bugbear's barracks, and who was I to argue at this point? I carried a lame Dwarf; our patron and sole reason for coming to this nightmarish Keep.

Our rest was alarmingly cut short, as we noticed smoke rising from the gap between the iron bound wooden door of this room and the stone floor. As we readied for action, flames began to forbiddingly lick at the door, seeming to challenge us to make an exit. A sing-songy taunt filled the air uttered by non human voices.

Roasty-toasty hoo-mans, trapped in a room; roasty-toasty hoo-mans, soon to meet their doom ...”

Hanzo took position in front of the burning door, and summoning that strange power just barely beneath his skin, Ki he calls it, let forth a yell in his native Kozokuran and burst through the flaming door.

Sadly, he was thoroughly feathered by Goblin arrows the moment he was through the door.

The Goblins disengaged from the oncoming melee, still singing their annoying taunts.

Rollo exclaimed, “ Don't follow them – it's surely a trap!” We made for the south passageway instead.

Lathander's rosy fingers greeted us as we found the open entrance to the Keep. Just as we hit the snow, more Goblin archers assailed us. Though none of us were more injured than Hanzo – who Rungalor took to carrying – we ran through the deep snow as if each arrow fired carried our deaths among their fletchings. Freezing sweat and burning lungs would be our only companions though, as the Goblins did not make chase. We backtracked to the overseeing ravine and began our journey back to Riedoth's cabin.