Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Trail of the Blacksnake, part two

Cast of Characters

  • Twofoot Small – A Hinnish hunter and trapper who is not particularly fond of wizards or magic.

  • Al Minister – Paladin of Sune, Protector of all that is bright, beautiful, and good.

  • Argyle Bloodbane – Rowdy and opinionated fighting man of the Moonshaes; has a close relationship with his 'comfort' sheep.

  • D'Mik – A mysterious plague doctor hailing from Balder's Gate.

  • The Light Destroyer – A violet hued Dragonborn and practitioner of Shadow Magic.

  • Harkoon Beltimber – A Wizard and Sage.

  • Hozzy – An elderly Wizard of many winters, yet keen on his spellcasting.

  • Darkedge – A Kozokuran Shinobi.

  • Ol' Finster – A peculiar Rogue of odd habits and mind … Will do ANYTHING for 2 gold pieces ...

  • Morlyg, The Blacksnake – The assembler of the group; Moon Elf Swashbuckler and secretly a Harper Agent.

30th of Tarsakh, Year of the Ageless One; 447 North Reckoning, continued

The Kobolds escorted the party to a door locked hallway that lead to the Goblin tribe's lair. Ol' Finster made short work of the lock and the party was soon in a room where two pit traps were spiked open and held another dragon fountain. This dragon fountain depicted a Green Dragon in the act of descending from on high and it also bore an inscription, though barely visible due to the wear of age, scribed in Draconic. Upon reading the inscription aloud, The Light Destroyer immediately regretted his words as the statue blasted the party with a gout of poisonous gas. Chocking, burning, and bouts of vomiting overtook several members of the party, but only the Kobold Meepo expired due to the fiendish trap.

Due to the noise caused by the fountain trap, it soon became obvious that the Goblins knew we were in their territory. As the party marched from chamber after chamber, passageway after passageway, Goblin resistance was high. From behind crenelated half walls in caltrop strewn hallways, the Goblins fired poisoned arrows at the party, to little effect. The magical superiority of the party was too much for them.

In a haze filled hall lit by sputtering torches, the bold adventurers discovered a door with a large lock bound to it. Once again, despite his strange mannerism, Ol' Finster came through and the party entered what looked like a rather pathetic attempt to fashion a trophy room. As they examined the rather sad trophies mounted on the wall (Giant Rats and Kobolds,) they were being observed …

Filth! Filth and muckdwellers!” a loud voice hissed from behind them. They turned to find a White Dragon Wyrmling was leveling a disgusted stare at them from behind an overturned table.

The Light Destroyer spoke up, “Hold, great one. We are friends of Meepo. We-”

Meepo? You encouragable bastards!” And with that, the wymling mustered forth a blast of frost that enveloped most of the party. There was no time to count the dead, it was time for the living to strike, and strike they did. Swords and Claws clashed in a flurry of blows. Before the young Dragon knew what was happening, she was encircled and dispatched before she could breath forth a second blast.

D'Mik, Hozzy, and poor Ol' Finster perished in the cold of the Dragon's breath.