Saturday, May 6, 2017

Trader Jonn's Corner - Bandager’s Box

A Bandager’s Box is simply a round water-proofed leather box that contains suturing needles, catgut, bandages, a probe and a scalpel. It is most commonly used by soldiers who are assigned to provide basic medical care in the field or to assist the wounded reach the more comprehensive care (such as it is) of the surgeons or healers. On the average, these items cost 10sp each.

Use of the equipment in a Bandager's Box allows a +1 bonus to all medical rolls for up to four treatment attempts (each body part treated counts as a separate treatment attempt) with a successful roll allowing for 1d4 healing.

Refilling the box with additional (consumable) supplies costs 7sp (5sp if cloth can be scavenged for bandages from somewhere).