Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Nine from Neverwinter, part five

Cast of Characters:

  • Azun – A Moon Elf Archer hailing originally from Deepingdale, but fletching his arrows in Neverwinter for at least the past 30 years. He lead many of Neverwinter to safety during the Cataclysm of Mount Hotenow, and is regarded as a local folk hero.

  • Rungalor – A rough and tumble Barbarian Minotaur from parts unknown ...

  • Rollo Rutterkin – A Halfling Thief and long time companion of Rungalor.

  • Kirok – An Uthgardt Barbarian Shaman on a visionquest, serving as our guide.

  • Gizig – A Silver Dragonborn Warrior with official connections to Neverwinter's militia.

  • Hanzo – A Kozokuran Swordsman who journeyed to Neverwinter with Adrix of Highmoon.

  • Arcandius – A Thayvian Wizard who escaped his homeland with a mysterious tome of power.

  • Adrix – The Wandering Sage and Chronicler of this tale who brought this ragtag group of misfits together. He has traveled extensively as a Bardic Storyteller throughout The Realms, including The Unapproachable East, and is seeking to know more about The North.

  • The Storm Caller – A Calishite Gensia, powerful in the ways of Elemental Sorcery.

  • Grubb – A Goblin prisoner captured on The Triboar Trail, now leading the group to his hidden lair …

Azun's Jounal, 30th of Tarsakh, Year of the Ageless One; 447 North Reckoning

As we shook off the wounds of the fray with Venomfang, it had come to our attention that our common benefactor was missing. Arcandius claimed he knew what direction the old sage had fled and lead us down a pathway through the overgrowth to a web strewn building. My first instinct upon viewing the unnerving sight was to notch an arrow, for surely there were great spiders about. The beastman Rungalor lit a torch and thoughtlessly threw it upon the webs; he was immediately chastised by The Storm Caller, as the ox-man had not thought of perhaps Adrix being within the web laden structure rather than the presence of arachnid monsters.

Through the ever increasing flames, Rollo and I strode to take position at the hovel's doorway. Inside I could just make out the scene; Adrix was indeed here, wrapped upside-down in a silken cocoon. The Minotaur and Hanzo pressed into the burning nightmare to rescue the old sage. Rollo and I stood at the ready with bow and hand-axes.

Before I could scarcely blink, Rungalor had been downed by two great spiders, each the size of a small riding horse. One began quickly cocooning the large bull-man, while the other leaped at blinding speed at the Kozokuran swordsman. I loosed an arrow at the fiend, and Rollo threw both his axes, but neither met their mark amid the growing inferno. Hanzo was knocked over by the force of the great predator, bitten and was a victim of the spider's venom; I yelled to the party for help.

Rollo and Kirok leaped through the flames to rescue our comrades. Rollo tried to revive Rung while Kirok took on the great spider. Arcandius braved the ever growing heat and oily smoke to try and free Adrix from the burning lair. I fired another arrow into the increasingly hellish environment, looking to make Kirok's battle so much the easier, but smoke bit at my eyes and the arrow's path was untrue.

Arcandius was overcome by the heat and smoke, but he had managed to get Adrix to the ground. Rungalor, upon reaching consciousness, drank a healing potion and made his way back to the sage and the wizard. I ran in to aid Hanzo and ducked just in time as the Large Spider leaped past me, Kirok hot on it's tail. We all made it out of the burning hovel in time before it's roof collapsed while thick black smoke trailed up into the grey sky. Kirok returned to tell us that the spider had escaped into a thicket and he dared not pursue it in so favorable a place for it to hide. We limped back to Venomfang's tower for a long rest, which we needed desperately.

1st of Mirtul, Year of the Ageless One; 447 North Reckoning

In the cold misty morning hours, Adrix, who was still on the mend, regaled us with the story of a place called Eveningstar and a group of Adventurers from there that braved a place called the Haunted Halls.
Before he could finish his tale, he was frozen in place by fell magic produced by a crazed looking wizard with a horned head dress and a painted white face resembling death itself, now darkening the silver hazed doorway to the tower. He shouted something in the tongue of Dragons and let loose another spell that blasted Honzo across the cottage floor.

At that signal, long, dark haired warriors with likewise painted white faces began filling the cottage. Their blackened-in eyes were glazed with insane hatred as they engaged in melee with us. I fired an arrow at the wizard before he could do more harm, and our spellcasters did the same while our fighting men took positions by the door to catch these mad warriors in a funnel. The crazed Wizard was blasted back in a smoldering heap from our spells and his minions were dealt with in kind. Our Goblin prisoner, Grubb, was slain in the attack.

We drug the bodies outside the cottage and continued to lick our wounds until after midday. We had reckoned these attacker, by their vestments, to be Dragon Cultist. Arcandius surmised there might be more of the nesting in these ruins and after striking such a blow to them, they might follow and harass us. It was unanimously decided that we search them out in the ruins before moving on from here.