Thursday, May 25, 2017

Comic Book Cambion

Fantasy Art, Comic Books, and D&D have a long history together. From Frank Frazetta's Sword and Sorcery Paintings, from the Dr. Strange and Captain America tracings in 1974's OD&D crudely rendered artwork, to IDW's current line of Comic Books available at Dungeon Master's Guild; the evidence is undeniable.

Now not to steal anyone's thunder, (which I'll get to in a minute ...) I've been thinking about a new feature here at Outlaw D&D related to genre related comics. It seems like a natural fit, to me; Geeks love D&D and Geeks love comics. It's a freakin resse's cup of geekdom!

The thunder I spoke of is found on a blog in our bloglist called The Por Por Books Blog (which I suggest you follow immediately – it nostalgically rocks!) Actually, I'm only grabbing a portion of his thunder, as he reviews SF/Fantasy paberbacks too. He also posts tons of pics, many of which are scanned pages of out of print comics and magazines like Heavy Metal and EPIC Illustrated.

The most recent relevant post from Por Por is Masters of Spanish Comic Book Art by David Roach. I don't know much about vintage Spanish comics – or even modern ones, for that matter – but I do know what I like, and Por Por walks us through the high points like a boss.

In the coming day and weeks, I'll be looking at my own selections of fantasy and sci-fi comics and how they are related to D&D and how they have shaped the RPG hobby as a whole. 

Hope to see you there ...