Monday, April 24, 2017

Current Clack - The 24th of Tarsakh, Year of the Ageless One; 447 North Reckoning

  • Giant tribes are more active and on the move, as sited by Rangers hailing from the Silver Marches.
  • A strange malady seems to be overtaking multitudes of Waterdavians … Plague Doctors from Balder's Gate have been summoned to the City of Splendor.
  • A military caravan sponsored by the Hawkwinter's of Waterdeep bound for Helm's Hold is overdue. No trace of the wagons has yet been found.
  • Deadsnows' residents report bands of mad Dwarves assailing their town from the north, taking only fertile young women as their spoils – in what local sage Gillate the Wise has surmised would be for the purpose of wifing.