Tuesday, July 3, 2018

The Calvary Cometh - 15th of Mirtul, Year of the Ageless One; 447 North Reckoning.

Thyrr looked over his shoulder to a most welcome sight in the pit of horror he'd become trapped in - Rescuers! They came in the form of Zicar, a mysterious Fire Lancer from the East; Kromag, a Githzeria Paladin of the Weave; Coal, a Genasi Sorcerer of Flame; and Wo Fat Chin, an Elvish Monk of the Mysterious East. The newcomers had been sent by Ramne the Wizard before he left for his southern expedition to gather the Ivory Scimitars for what he described as a Realm-shaking discovery ...

The backups did little more than back up, however, against the ferocity of the trolls and fled the dungeon with the beasts hot on their trail. Zicar had succumb to the trolls in a spray of gore as they over took him by tooth and claw; the foul ones fighting over his larger pieces. The rest of the party, seemingly escaping the monstrosities, headed to Stone Vale to resupply.

As a Ranger, Thyrr could not stomach the idea of the humanoid filth nesting so close to civilized lands. Newly supplied, he lead the group back up the mountain pass to the Black Stone Pyramid dig site. Two Norkers stood guard outside the Obsidian Temple. They spotted Darkedge, the Shinobi, as he not-so-steathfully approach the Temple Entrance. One of the Norkers turned to enter the Pyramid and was feathered by Elf arrows, courtesy of Thyrr. Coal summoned her sorcerous powers to lift the Norker into the air and pull him towards her in a furnace of superheated air. Wo Fat Slammed the other Norker with a devastating kick to the face.

With the sentries dispatched, Coal silently stole into the deep darkness of the forbidding Pyramid. Thyrr could hear the rumbling of a snore; a sound he was quite disgusted of having spent many a night in cheap human Inns during his youth. Coal, thanks to her innate darkvision, beheld one of the trolls from earlier that day, only now with a distended stomach, sleeping heavily at the stairs in the hback of the Temple. She wondered if such a creature could even hear her over it's deafening snoring. The she thought perhaps it would smell her rather than hear her. She dismissed such thoughts and loosed flames upon the sleeping thing. Her companions released hell itself upon the surprised troll and it was slain in hand.

Darkedge remembered that his companion Korrick had a magical Ring of Protection and dearly wanted the item. He slit open the corpse of the troll and began sifting through its innards, much to the utter disgust of the rest of the party. Thyrr thought aloud that he thought they smelled bad on the outside ...

After much gore had been sifted through, Darkedge had not yet found his treasure. He had, however, discovered a stomach churning smell that clung to him as tightly as the wetter bits of troll that clung to his tunic. The group pressed onward, down three flights of stairs to the lower holdings of the Temple.

Through a doorway, Wo Fat discovered a LARGE creature sitting with his backside toward him playing with the remains of some unfortunate person. It slammed a legbone into a pile of bones with a thunderous crunch, and the vile odor of death and unwashed troll wafted in his direction.

Without so much a word, Wo Fat ran in and rammed his lit torch up the great beast's ass and then slapped a large butt cheek as insult to injury. The slap echoed in the chamber, but was quickly drowned out by the wails of pain the creature was experiencing. Wo Fat ran from the beast, back out the chamber and up one flight of stairs as the giant creature wailed in agony and squeezed itself out into the landing of the stairs.

Kromag dealt a silvery spellfire blow to the giant with the aid of his great 'Time-Blade' as Thyrr fired his bow as quickly as he was able. Coal and Darkedge stayed on the second set of stairs out of the Giant Troll's terrible reach.

Wo Fat, once again, made a light hearted attack on the angry Giant. He ran and slid under the bow legged beast, striking at his testicles and then, after getting behind the creature, kicking the now extinguished torch further up the ample ass of the Troll. It howled again in great pain. The party took advantage of the greatly distressed Troll and attacked in unison, ultimately slaying the giant creature.

Ain't it great to be 13 again?

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Death by Sunset - 15th of Mirtul, Year of the Ageless One; 447 North Reckoning.

As their popularity seemed to hit an all time high in the Western Heartlands, once more the Ivory Scimitars were summoned by Lord Bron of Iriaebor. Stone Vale was a bustling mining community of Gnomes nestled in the Sunset Mountains to the north that contributed greatly to the economy of Iriaebor and the wider Heartlands. Pleas for aide against humanoid raids had reached Lord Bron’s ear, however; with reported military activity of Amnish troops in the south, she was hard pressed to send any military aid to the suffering Gnomish settlement. The Ivory Scimitars would be sent instead to investigate and assess the situation and surgically remove the threat if at all possible.

The Gnomes welcomed the Scimitars with great enthusiasm, holding a feast in their honor shortly after arrival where details of their oppression could better be discussed in a very Gnomish forum. The Gnomish town was a flurry with activity with miners going to and fro to their specific dig sites, inventors testing their brilliance with strange devices that might cause even a Gondsman of Lantan to scratch his head in befuddlement; Bakers, Restaurateurs, and other vendors beckoning the crowded streets to sample their wares and press a penny or two in their mitts – it was indeed a busy little place.

After the quaffing of many mugs of the sweetest mead this side of Eagle Peak, Lord Laird Gwaylar addressed the Ivory Scimitars about the raiders. Most of the raiders were of a peculiar sub-race of Goblin known as Norkers, though other fell races were well represented, up to and including a Mountain Giant called Groorg. Generally, the raiders would attack miners on their way back from the dig sites, but recently they began attacking the mines themselves, killing miners and claiming and defending the mines themselves. Gwaylar also mentioned that there was one particular dig site that was, while the greatest concentration of the fiends, was also one that was recently unearthed. He was flippant and even evasive about further details of that site, but the Scimitars decided that was the best site to investigate first.

What the Scimitars found at the site was astonishing. Here sat an unearthed pyramid of black stone of great size. The stone itself was probably of great mineral wealth to the Gnomes – and probably why Gwaylar didn’t want to discuss it. At the only visible entrance to the structure was a three foot high wall and beyond the small wall, only darkness. With no small measure of trepidation, the Scimitars entered the structure.

They were met with arrows fired in the darkness – Norker guards whose eyes could easily be seen in the dark reflecting a sickly yellow-green the light from the entrance. Darkedge and Thyrr met their missile assault with barbs of their own, while Korrick met them with Goliath might. Yuri cast numerous insect related spells that tormented those shining yellow-green eyes with fury. Norkers tried using pillars in the pyramid for cover, but to no avail; and in a short while, the battle was concluded. That’s when the loud foot falls of a new threat were heard coming up the stairs in the back of the black pyramid …

Grime laden claws and yellowed teeth bit from the darkness. The smell of fresh blood assaulted them from the darkness. Entrails hit the floor like so much slop in the darkness. Growls of primal ferocity cut the blackened chamber over the sounds of steel and spells. The crunching of bones and the slurping of viscera were the last things Yuri heard. Korrick fought valiantly, but in vain, for he too succumbed to the hunger that gorged at his flesh. The dizzying savagery of the Trolls sent the Scimitars into a fighting retreat, what few were left …

Saturday, June 16, 2018

The Knights of Neverwinter - Curse of Death: 15th of Mirtul, Year of the Ageless One; 447 North Reckoning.

In the wake of the Siege of Neverwinter perpetrated by Red Arrow Orcs, The Nine of Neverwinter were officially Knighted by Lord Dagult Neverember in what some suspect was a half hearted publicity move. Whatever the Lord's motive, the Knights were soon contacted by Harper agent Remallia Haventree. Haventree proposed a mission for the newly knighted heroes, one that was sympathetic to their aims.

The Stormcaller had been ill since his raising from the dead for several days in what seemed an unnatural affliction, and so too had a Harper called Syndra Silvane, a masked wizardress who accompanied Haventree. The Harpers suspected the ailments were caused by a Death Curse which drained those who had cheated death not unlike the manner in which a Lich feeds souls to its phylactery. Haventree felt strongly that a lich might know more about this process that was afflicting so many along the Sword Coast and sought to question one.

However, few liches would be so readily forthcoming with such information, and herein is where a mission for the Knights of Neverwinter lie. Haventree would have them steal or otherwise obtain a lich's phylactery and force the information from the creature. The Harpers would keep the Duchess of Rot, Zaldara Cordress of Cloakwood, preoccupied in battle, while the Knight stole into the lower levels of her tower and procured the Phylactery.

Sirs Gizyg, Azun, The Stormcaller, and a few other newly appointed Knights -  including the Deposed King Bumi, Baodin of Mithrendain, and Coridella of the High Forest, set sail out of Neverwinter, down along the Sword Coast to the Cloakwoods aboard the Harper ship, Diviner. In a matter of a few days, which gave the Harpers ample amounts of time to coordinate an attack upon the Duchess of Rot's tower; they arrived at the shores of the Cloakwood.

Stealing into the lower levels was easy, as the lich had an escape route from her tower that lead into seaside caverns. As planned, Zaldara was easily distracted by the Harpers at her gate and the Knights made their way in stealth into the creature's lair.

With the combined powers of Baodin's strange Sidhe psionics and the pull of the Curse upon Stormcaller, Zaldara's Phylactery, her spellbook, was found relatively quickly. The Lich was enraged and fled from the battle, seeking those who had that which was most precious to her. Stormcaller clutched the book and threatened Zaldara. He would easily destroy the book unless she answered questions. The Duchess literally shook with rage, but the battle outside had sapped her of spells and she was quite vulnerable.

She revealed that the cause of the Death Curse was indeed something like a Phylactery called a Soulmonger and that its origin was somewhere south in the land of Chult. The Knights returned her spellbook and vowed never to cross her path again ...

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Scroll of Yuri, Son of Malgrym (Scribed by Jacob J Kollar)

Yuri was born 4 Ches, The Year of the Forged Sigil, deep within the Wealdath, the son of Malgrym, the human ranger, and Sariel Amastacia, the wood elf druid. His father was forced to flee the forest days after he was conceived and his mother died during childbirth.

Yuri had a strange childhood with little contact with other intelligent creatures. During his first decade he occasionally spent time among the druids of Mosstone. At the beginning of his tenth summer he left the walls of the city for the last time and went into hiding, from a threat he never knew, deep within the forest. He spent much of his time communing with nature spirits and studying the manuscripts left behind by his mother. His only contact was the infrequent visit from his full elven brother, Thyrricean, which had raised him since birth. At an early age he began to exhibit signs that he shared his mother's bond with the forest. He became quite adept at summoning denizens of the forest and even spirits of nature.

He also seemed to bear another gift which his mother also had, his dreams would sometimes reveal things that would come to pass. The dreams were infrequent and unpredictable, but he always woke with a knowledge that what he dreamed would indeed happen. These dreams coupled with instructions left behind by Sariel always kept the brothers one step ahead of a nameless horror that was stalking Yuri through the forest.

During the winter heralding his 3rd decade he had one such dream about the father he had never met. Upon sharing the details of the dream with Thyrricean the brothers agreed they must depart the Wealdath immediately heading Northeast to rescue Malgrym from the fate that would soon befall him.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The Scroll of Thyrricean-Amastacia (penned by Jacob J Kollar)

Tethir Xiloscient was born 29 Ches, the Year of the Worm, within Suldanessellar, high among the trees of the Wealdath, the son of Quarion Xiloscient and Sariel Amastacia. While he was but a toddler the very gods walked the earth during what would later be known as The Time of Troubles. At twelve he and Sariel fled to Myth Rynn as the motions set forth by the outcast

Joneleth brought war to Suldanessellar. During the next 7 decades Tethir’s years were equally divided living amongst the Ar'Tel'Quessir of his father's tribe and the Sy'Tel'Quessir of his mother's, but never did he visit the two together. He was raised by his father, who unbeknownst to him was part of a cell of the Eldruth Veluuthra, to despise all N'Tel'Quess especially humans.

He and the other children of his tribe would frequently join the adult hunting parties as they stalked humans that dared to enter the Wealdath. Occasionally, as these children edged ever closer to declaring themselves adults, they would hunt humans without the guidance of adults. He learned well to be cruel and swift in his punishment for perceived slights against the lands of Tel’Quessir.

Although he respected Quarion and had a great desire to make his father proud, he found he enjoyed his time with Sariel, alone in the forest, much more. This had little to do with the fact that he bore a stronger resemblance to his mother's kin than his father's. His mother, a great druid, instilled in him a love of the forest and a respect for the balance of nature. She was well aware of the monster Quarion was raising her son to be. It was her desire to temper Tethir’s genocidal tendencies and she vowed to herself that she would be the counter balance to his father’s teachings.

Near Tethir's 80th nameday Sariel began tutoring a young human boy, named Malgrym, in the ways of the elves. Tethir was appalled that his mother would allow a human to enter the Wealdath, but in time he came to not only accept the boy, but to begrudgingly befriend him. Sariel made Tethir promise never to mention Malgrym to Quarion.

Over the next two decades Tethir wintered with his father, learning the ways of warfare while hunting humans, and spent the fairer months in the forest with his mother and Malgrym. Though Tethir was still a youth and yet played with the Sun Elf children of his father's Elmanesse tribe, Malgrym quickly became a man. As they sparred and trained together, Tethir couldn't help but notice how much more driven Malgrym had been and how quickly his skills had progressed. Malgrym had grown up while Tethir barely aged. The lines had blurred as to which was the more skilled ranger.

In Alturiak, The Year of the Plotting Priests, word reached Quarion that Sariel had been harboring a human within the Wealdath. He ordered Tethir to return to her immediately and slay Malgrym. When Tethir arrived he found his mother with Malgrym. As he prepared to loose the arrow that would end Malgrym’s life, she stepped between the two and revealed to Tethir that she was carrying Malgrym's child. Tethir demanded Malgrym leave the Wealdath and never return on pain of death.

For the next year Sariel taught Tethir to move about the forest to avoid being located by the Eldreth Veluuthra. The half-human infant proved to be too much for Sariel's small elven body and she died giving birth. She left Tethir a journal detailing that she knew she would not survive which also contained instructions for him to assist with raising his brother, Yuri, named for Malgrym's father.

It was on this day, 4 Ches, The Year of the Forged Sigil, that Tethir Xiloscient shrugged off the mantle of childhood and declared himself an adult. He adopted the name Thyrricean Amastacia and spent the next two decades moving from place to place to ensure the Eldreth Veluuthra never found his brother.